Criminal Defense

Facing any criminal charge is a stressful and terrifying time in your life that calls everything into question. At the Law Office of Danielle Sewell, you will be met with an experienced passionate attorney that will fight with you and help alleviate your stress. No one should face criminal accusations alone. The Law Office of Danielle Sewell can help you through this process, explain your best options and make sure that you have someone to stand up for your rights.

A misdemeanor offense is a criminal charge where you could face up to 12 months in jail and/or a $1000.00 fine. Some examples of misdemeanor offenses are speeding, other traffic offenses, possession of marijuana less than ounce, DUIs, thefts and simple battery.

A felony offense is a very serious criminal charge where you could be looking at significant amount of prison time. Some examples of felony offenses are most drug charges such as possession of heroin, meth, cocaine and possession of THC oil, aggravated assault or battery, and most gun charges.

Being convicted of any crime can be impactful on your future but certain misdemeanors and all felonies will affect your rights and livelihood.

You should never represent yourself; you need to have someone in your corner that can inform you of all possible consequences of the charges that you face.

Being convicted of a crime can be devastating to your family life and future. Take a hold of your life and do not waste another minute, call the Law Office of Danielle Sewell to protect your future.

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